Thomas Vienneau

2021 Winner

“When reading this amazing news this morning, a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. It was a wonderful moment! I feel blessed and am grateful to be selected for this special scholarship by a Canadian jury of creative peers. Thank you to the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund for this honour. I look forward to showing the province what projects will come from this support.”

Thomas Vienneau was born in Miramichi, NB and has resided in Moncton since 2007. He is a self-taught artist and has worked productively and full-time with his art for fifteen years. Thomas chooses to work primarily with acrylic paints of various types, though he also loves working with watercolours. Some pieces are heavy with paint and abstract in style, while others have an acrylic-wash base and more whimsical scenery and figures.

“Over the years, I feel as though I have developed my own personal style, with works ranging in various themes, textures, and subject matter. My landscapes tend to represent an emotional state. Figurative work allows a story to unfold. And the abstracts can be seen as a photograph of a thought or emotional moment.”

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