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2024 JL Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program CNIB Clear Print Version: CLICK HERE


The JL Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program is an annual participant-driven program
that connects a selected group of emerging New Brunswick creatives
in film, writing, visual art, music, and theatre with
established creative professionals who can provide
expert-level advice and networking opportunities to help them.

With this program, the Fund seeks to identify and support emerging talent with a focus on diversity.
This mentorship program brings together the participants with their mentors through in-person and/or digital channels.
The program spans ten months, beginning in March 2024 and running to December 2024.
Selected mentees for the program will spend four hours a month with their mentors one-on-one
if approved by the JL Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program.
They will also attend specialized virtual workshops,
which include mental health and networking support with creative specialists.

Each accepted mentee will receive $500 when their mentorship is completed.
The mentees should apply with a specific project they are having challenges with starting or completing.
Our call for mentees will go out in mid-January 2024!

The JL Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program is funded
and supported by the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture.

These mentorship programs fulfill the following Fund objectives:
1) Enhance NB and Atlantic region's creative identity;
2) Provide community economic and social benefits;
3) Enhance existing community assets;
4) Enhance and develop initiatives that strengthen
the NB and Atlantic region's creative community.