The JL Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program is a participant-driven program
that connects a selected group of emerging New Brunswick creatives in film,
photography, visual art, music, writing, theatre, and
acting with established creative professionals who can provide
expert-level advice and networking opportunities to help them. With this program,
funded through the province of New Brunswick, the Fund
seeks to identify and support emerging talent in New Brunswick. This one-year mentorship
and guidance program running throughout 2024 brings together the participants
with their mentors through in-person and digital channels.

Eligible creatives: people from diverse backgrounds and rural
areas that are facing creative challenges and need assistance

These mentorship programs fulfill the following Fund objectives:
1) Enhance NB and Atlantic region's creative identity;
2) Provide community economic and social benefits;
3) Enhance existing community assets;
4) Enhance and develop initiatives that strengthen
the NB and Atlantic region's creative community.

JL Legacy Fund Mental Health Awareness and Support
Anne Lebans is a vocal sound healer and founder of Anne Ellen Sound.
A trained opera singer passionate about holistic wellness, Anne’s studies of psychology,
natural medicine, mindfulness, meditation, coaching, yoga, reiki, and other forms of energy work,
ultimately led her to discover the profoundly healing power of sound.
Anne now uses sound to help people release mental, emotional, and energetic blockages
through sound baths and sound healing sessions. She connects people to their
authentic voice through coaching and voice lessons, and offers workshops and programs
to educate people on how to heal and empower themselves using their own voice.