Renée Laprise

2023 Winner

“I’m thrilled to be the inaugural recipient of the JL Prince Edward Island Creative Award and so grateful to have my project, The Island of Mystical Artists, supported by the jury. Having recently decided to pursue my creative career full-time, this type of peer approval is validating and exciting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Renée Laprise started in the film and television industry in 1999 as an animation editor in Ontario for several broadcast television series. In 2005, she moved to Prince Edward Island, where she continued to work in animated series and then moved into editing online live-action material. Renée took on the role of Executive Director of FilmPEI for eight years and developed and created her own media work during this time. In 2017 she and her creative partner were awarded a Telefilm Micro-Budget production grant for the 84-minute web series Lovely Witches Club. Renée recently produced and edited the local Mi’kmaq series The Ice Walk and Gina’matimg: Time of Learning and is currently producing and editing a feature for a local Mi’kmaq producer, as well as developing her own series, The Island of Mystical Artists. Renée is also a practicing artist.

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