Rebecca Elmire Tremblay

2023 Winner

“I’m thrilled to be the recipient of the 2023 JL New Brunswick Creative Award to develop a feature film screenplay with the mentorship of award-winning writer/director Maja Jacob! It’s a privilege to be able to work with an industry professional like Maja; I value not only her experience, but also her understanding and support of the female perspective in film. In the spiritual thriller/drama genre and based on true events, the themes of my film encompass the supernatural, ancestral trauma, and women’s reproductive health. I’m very grateful to have my feature film concept supported by the jury. I appreciate Cat and Maureen for creating the JL Legacy Fund in honour of a beautiful soul!"

Rebecca Elmire Tremblay (she/her) is an East Coast storyteller, screenwriter, and director passionate about telling stories that elevate women’s voices, experiences, and perspectives. She’s the recipient of various awards to turn her screenplays into short films, including The Short Film Venture Program Award and the CBC/NB Joy Award. In addition to screenplays, Rebecca has written scripted podcasts, puppet show scripts, and plays. Her writing has been published in magazines (VIVE el éxito magazine, Mexico) and selected for festivals (St. Thomas University’s Propel Festival). Rebecca operates her own production company, By Odin’s Beard Pictures, and has worked on over 40 film, television, and commercial productions as an actor, director, production manager, wardrobe supervisor, and producer.

IG: @rebeccaelmire

FB: @rebeccaelmire

YouTube: @rebeccaelmireactress