John Adam Ian

2022 Winner

“I can still remember the first time I came across Kylie’s song Glowstars through a shuffled Spotify suggestion. Its sound and unique vibe made me stop what I was doing and listen to her album straight through. I’m really, really excited to participate in this mentorship with Kylie and can’t wait to see what I learn. Thanks to the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund for making this music studio mentee program possible!” John Adam Ian

John Adam Ian is the second winner of the Fund's new Music Studio Mentee Program. His mentor is Kylie Fox.

John Adam Ian is a songwriter based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. After having toured Canada with the east coast metal band We, the Undersigned, John Adam Ian branched out and focuses on writing alt-rock and acoustic tunes.

John Adam Ian can be found at: and his twitch channel is