Dale Strickland

2021 Winner

“Wow, I am so honored to have been selected!I’ve wanted to do voice acting for so long, but as an emerging artist, I’vebeen intimidated by the costs of training and memberships. I know that I have agreat deal of work to do to get ahead, but thanks to the Jane LeBlanc ActingSupport Award, I can get the education and training I need to kickstart thecareer of my dreams.”

Dale Strickland is a digital media contentcreator and aspiring voice actor from Fredericton, New Brunswick. He hasexperience with various creative skills, including photography, audio/videoproduction, graphic design, and singing.

Dale’s rich multimedia background has providedhim with the opportunity to immerse himself in various creative projects. Theseinclude co-hosting a live broadcast entertainment channel with his partnerThalia, producing short-form video content, and creating graphical assets toassist with his content marketing and branding.

Alongside his creative and technical skills,Dale has a keen interest in entrepreneurship. This interest has led him tobecome a member of Venture for Canada, an entrepreneurial fellowship programthat connects young entrepreneurs to the Canadian start-up ecosystem. Thisdiverse background allows Dale to approach his creative process from both abusiness owner and artist perspective.

Dale will be diving deeper into the world ofvoice acting with a series of online training courses for his next venture.With these courses, he will develop the fundamental skills to kickstart hisdream career of being a voice actor.

Dale Strickland

Multimedia & Design