Asha Bear

2023 Winner

"I am so grateful and honoured to receive this grant. This story is important to me as it shows intergenerational healing and love within the Indigenous families, but it is also a story many families can relate to. I look forward to working with the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund and NB Film Co-op and sharing this story with all of you. Kci-Woliwon."  


An Indigenous woman struggling with alcoholism finds a pair of magical moccasins that show her what her addiction is doing to her family, which encourages her to get sober.

Asha Bear is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and multifunctional artist. She is studying towards her Master of Education in Counselling and recently completed a Certificate in Film Production and Indigenous Counselling at UNB in 2023. Asha has done documentary work with CBC in 2022 and created several independent films. She has recently participated in CBC New Indigenous Voices, presented by the National Screen Institute in Winnipeg, and is expected to complete the program in August 2023. It’s important to her to capture accurate and appropriate portrayals of Indigenous people on screen.  

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