Anne Lebans

2023 Winner

"Thank you, Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund and the jurors of the Artist Support Scholarship! Your support means the world to me and all the explorers and seekers out there who believe in finding new things just beyond the horizons of the familiar! This series, Self IMPROVment, is super close to my heart. It explores the integration of improvisational comedy and mental wellness practices, through play, exploration, self-expression and collaboration as we acknowledge the difficult realities of creating/maintaining/recovering mental wellness as a creative soul in this current world. I hope it becomes a platform for honest conversations, deep validation, and unleashed creative expression because the world NEEDS more levity and laughter and we all need to feel safe enough to be seen and supported as who we truly are. Thank you, again,  Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund and the jurors enough for believing in art and its power to touch lives. Your support lets dreams take flight. Keep on shining your light and inspiring future generations of artists to fearlessly share their brilliance, voices and uniqueness with the world!"

Anne Lebans is a mental wellness consultant, sound healer and founder of Anne Ellen Sound. A trained opera singer passionate about holistic wellness, Anne’s studies of psychology, natural medicine, mindfulness, meditation, coaching, yoga, reiki, and other forms of energy work, ultimately led her to discover the profoundly healing power of self expression and sound. Anne now uses sound to help people release mental, emotional and energetic blockages through sound baths and sound healing sessions, connects people to their authentic voice through coaching and voice lessons, and offers workshops and programs to educate people on how to heal and empower themselves using their own voice.

Beginning in 2016, Anne co-founded a mental wellness and empowerment program called It’s Ok to be Awesome (now Inner Child Healers) and has led various talks, workshops and programs on wellbeing and resilience for children, parents and educators. Anne’s content has been endorsed by the Canadian Mental Health Association of NB and can be found in schools across the province. Since 2014, Anne has also been actively involved as a mental wellness coach for adults. Her expertise has allowed her to deliver compelling talks and workshops on crucial subjects such as mental wellness, self-compassion, and self-expression, throughout Atlantic Canada. Additionally, in her capacity as a Health Program Coordinator with NB Lung, Anne has had the privilege of presenting her insights to over 2000 medical professionals.

Anne finds herself in an exciting phase of her professional journey, as she currently receives invaluable mentorship from esteemed experts in the emerging field of sound therapy. These collaborations enables her to further enhance her knowledge and contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape where music and mental wellness collide.