Amanda Gear

2023 Winner

“I am honoured and grateful to be chosen as the first JL Newfoundland Creative Award recipient. I am committed to removing barriers for the Indigenous arts community because art is a storytelling mechanism that ensures that culture can be preserved. Decolonizing the arts strengthens entire Indigenous communities by motivating and influencing the younger generations and showing them that their culture is valuable and viable.” Amanda Gear

Amanda is an Inuk multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and journalist from Nunatsiavut. She has a deep passion for Indigenous arts and works to create space for underrepresented and marginalized communities by amplifying their voices and elevating their stories. Born and raised in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, she lives in St. John’s with her two children and husband. Amanda takes great pride in sharing her culture and helping her community by volunteering at First Light- St. John’s Friendship Centre and hosting Beauty and Braiding workshops focusing on the anthropology and history of Indigenous beauty rituals.