Mike Oz

Mike Oz is a world-class music producer, sound and mastering engineer, videographer, vocalist and educator in all these crafts. Michael is also the owner of a ClassA multimedia production studio, label and boutique publishing house.

Mike Oz was born Michael Armani Caprile Iannuzzi in Toronto on November 6th, 1974, son to Order of Canada and Order of Ontario recipient Dan Iannuzzi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Iannuzzi and Elena Caprile. Michael’s father founded the first multicultural television network in the world MTV Channel 47 (now OMNITelevision) as well as 6 different ethnic newspapers and was dubbed the “Father of Multiculturalism”. His mother, Elena, was the producer of the news segments and programming that ran on the network as well as being the editor for the Corriere Canadese, the largest Italian newspaper outside of Italy.

Michael studied at the prestigious Toronto French School from kindergarten to high school making him fluently Tri-lingual (he has spoken Italian/English equally as first languages). His studies continued in Italian at the Sapienza University of Architecture of Rome. Michael began music studies with famed vocal trainer Ian Garrett (Shania Twain) and continued in Italy with soprano Sonia Bramace. At 16 he performed his first theatre performance as the lead in Mel Dinelli’s, “the Man”.

At 17, Michael had his music debut as a DJ at the most famous nightclub in Italy, the Piper of Rome with a two-year residency, Red Bull and Pioneer sponsorships. Michael began working for Radio Energy 108 (the top dance radio in Canada at the time), as an on-air correspondent and DJ from Italy spinning promos from top sponsored labels around Europe helping to usher in the progressive house wave in Canada. As a trained actor (4 years with Sears and Switzer Academy), Michael got the lead role in the hilarious Speak and Splatter TV series in Italy and various guest roles in Italian TV series where Michael continued honing his craft.  

Michael built his first multimedia studio Sonik Lab at the feet of the Vatican walls in Rome at 20 with partner and now famed Italian videographer Antonello Pierleoni. After much success, Michael returned to Toronto to work as vocal artist with top music director Dean Jarvis (Nelly Furtado, Alessia Cara) and began working with his band Sculptures of Sound alongside Gavin Brown (Celine Dion, Sting) producing various tracks and solidifying his knowledge base as a producer and engineer with continued studies for music production (Pro Tools) via Berkeley University. In 2010 Michael partnered with Iguana Studios in Toronto and began crafting music for emerging artists as a producer and engineer, and helping them to further their careers.

Michael moved to Moncton in 2018 with his Class A multimedia studio www.studiozproductions11.com where he has been helping artists launch their careers with professionally recorded, mixed and mastered songs and videos. StudioZ Productions has been recording ADR for several Netflix series and featured films as well as winning the 2020 Silver Wave Wave Award for Excellence in Music Composition. Michael has also been teaching music production , vocal training, music theory, and song-writing for the last 5 years.