Mel McCarthy

Mel McCarthy is a writer/producer based in Atlantic Canada.  She creates opportunities and powerful stories to show and tell audiences that each of us holds power for change.  Twenty years in salaried positions enabled her to develop and refine storytelling, negotiation, and coaching skills and build a broad and deep range of experience managing events, contingencies, budgets, deadlines, and people.   Currently, she is using these transferable skills on short films, music, and performance.  

She joined the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative in 1999, serving in many capacities, from boom operator to actor to President of the Board of Directors. She has won prizes in essay and poetry contests, as well as a Short Film Venture grant and the NBFC Volunteer Award (now known as the Brian Carty Volunteer Award.  She participated three times in the PEI Screenwriters’ Boot Camp, and is redeveloping the script for a feature film that bloomed there.

She is also a Reiki Master and practitioner, certified in Mental Health First Aid, a trainer of dogs and humans, and is a strong advocate for active inclusion practices in places of work and play.