Jason Anderson

Meet Our Third Jane LeBlanc Music Studio Mentee Program MENTOR!

Final Deadline: July 15, 2023

What you get: 10 hands-on lab sessions (2 hours per session)

Eligibility: Fredericton residents: 12 and Up

Are you a Fredericton-based singer-songwriter? Have you written a handful of songs and are now ready to start performing and promoting your material around New Brunswick and beyond? Not sure where to start? This amazing opportunity with award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Anderson is for you!


Indie-folk singer-songwriter Jason Anderson lives his passion for music. A writer, performer, session player, producer, and educator, Jason is truly a multifaceted artist. A gifted instructor who holds a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, Jason teaches guitar and piano out of his studio at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. He is also a seasoned touring musician who has, among other things, performed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and traveled the world playing music from Iceland to Australia and many places in between. His personal lyrics and passionate performances have made his concerts must-see events wherever he goes. Locally, Jason was one of Fredericton’s Artists in Residence during the summer of 2021, which led to a feature on the CBC. Other regional highlights include appearances at Harvest Fest, Paddlefest, and the Living Roots Fest, along with regular gigs at the Tipsy Muse. Most recently, Jason won the 2022 Arnold LeBlanc Songwriting Award and was interviewed on Information Morning Fredericton.


Songwriting, Performance, Production, Promotion, Organization, Motivation

This hands-on mentorship with Jason Anderson is perfect for the singer-songwriter who is ready to get out of the practice space and onto the stage. Jason will methodically take you through the process of selecting 3 to 5 songs for a demo recording; recording and producing the demo itself; creating a Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify account to host your music online; designing and launching a social media presence via a personalized artist page on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok; navigating the local open-mic scene, including several “field trips” to perform; and, finally, booking your first local show, including strategies for promotion.

What is the Jane LeBlanc Music Studio Mentee Program?

A music studio mentee program that assists emerging music artists with their music creation and composing growth in a studio setting (in-person/virtual/hybrid). This program utilizes experienced Canadian and International music artists as mentors in-person and virtually. The mentor is paid for their time, and the awarded mentees benefit from being in a studio setting with an experienced mentor.

Submission Guidelines

Short paragraph or resume showing your emerging training and development in music.

Brief letter or email expressing why you think you would benefit from being mentored and specifics on what you want to get from the experience OR short iPhone video (2 min).This mentorship experience also includes grant-writing consultation with the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund and other mentorship and performance opportunities.

All submissions can be emailed to catmaryleblanc@gmail.com.