David Somerville

Meet Our Fourth Jane LeBlanc Music Studio Mentee Program MENTOR!

If you are an emerging Atlantic Region-based music artist, submit today for this incredible virtual opportunity with award-winning music artist David Somerville!

Final Deadline: July 15, 2023

What you get: 5 hands-on lab sessions (2 hours per session)

Eligibility: Atlantic Region residents: 12 and Up


For multi-genre songwriter and producer David Somerville, melodies are his first language. A writer, instructor, arranger, producer, singer, player, and sometimes performer, David has developed many skills he loves to share with others. As a caring and dedicated instructor, David created the NB Gov-funded “SongShop for Kids” as part of the “Artists in School” program at two Fredericton area elementary schools. This in-school songwriting program was about helping kids uncover and bring out their inner creativity and growth of self-expression they shared with their peers, family, and community.

Formally trained in audio engineering, production, and business from the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, David has been composing, recording, and mixing music since he picked up his first guitar in the late 70s. He has written compositions he performed, musical jingles for TV and radio, compositions for business purposes, as well as music for a children’s musical. David has his own project recording studio. As a performer, David was one of the main songwriters in the duo “Somerville” that played around NB at various venues, house concerts, and festivals. David is also a trained self-development and belief coach and can bring these skills to the table, helping songwriters overcome mental blocks to their creativity and success.


Songwriting, Melody and Song Hook Creation, Chord Progressions, Lyric Writing, Song Structure, Production, Instruction, Self Development, and Belief Coach.

This hands-on mentorship with David is perfect for a true singer-songwriter combining exploration of enhancing creativity, song melody, hook creation, and song development in a unique way. Using a series of exercises and tools, David will guide you through a process of learning how to more easily access and enhance your inner creativity, how to write “melody first” songs in various ways, and overall song development, from scratch to finished arrangement, also including exploration of lyric and song production ideas. The tools you receive can help you overcome writing blocks and expand the way you can write music.

What is the Jane LeBlanc Music Studio Mentee Program?

A music studio mentee program that assists emerging music artists with their music creation and composing growth in a studio setting (in-person/virtual/hybrid). This program utilizes experienced Canadian and International music artists as mentors in-person and virtually. The mentor is paid for their time, and the awarded mentees benefit from being in a studio setting with an experienced mentor.

Submission Guidelines

Short paragraph or resume showing your emerging training and development in music.

Brief letter or email expressing why you think you would benefit from being mentored and specifics on what you want to get from the experience OR short iPhone video (2 min).

This mentorship experience also includes grant-writing consultation with the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund and other mentorship and performance opportunities.

All submissions can be emailed to catmaryleblanc@gmail.com.