JL Micro-Bursary Program

June 1, 2024
$200 to $500

The JL Micro-Bursary Program is a funding program initiated by feedback from the New Brunswick arts community to support artists toward their creative practices.

The JL Micro-Bursary Program will support projects representing all artistic forms and practices. These micro-bursaries support either a community project or an individual artist. Eligible projects include creating art that is made publicly available. There is also a focus on rural area artists and rural area community projects.

The JL Micro-Bursary Program covers the cost of creation materials, professional development, travel, equipment/software, marketing or promotional materials, and basic needs for artists' work in all discipline.

The applicable amount to request for a JL Micro-Bursary is in amounts of $250 to $500 and can be used for costs such as:
Supplies, equipment, or software
Rehearsal, creation, or development of studio rentals
Professional development (i.e., conferences, workshops, symposiums, mentorships)
Marketing/Promotional materials

Please include the following:

  • Artist, Community Group/Collective Bio.
  • Samples of your work if any (4 samples).
  • Letter explaining what you will use the award for including costs.

All submissions can be emailed to catmaryleblanc@gmail.com.