JL Isaac Miller Creative Award

May 1, 2024
$500 (cash award)

Background: This legacy award is in memory of Isaac Miller. Young Isaac left the world in 2014 for the great skatepark in the sky where he continues to flip his skateboard, take photos of nature, and shoot his creative films.


Creation of short videos, podcast projects, video poems, music videos, short stories, poetry, and photography projects.

Eligible applicants: New Brunswick students 12-17 years of age.

Applicants are asked to submit the following materials by email (Word or PDF documents):

Applicant's bio or background: Tell us who you are.
Description for Photography or Video Project: Tell us what you want to do.
Director's Statement: Why do you want to do this project, why is it important to you?

Email: catmaryleblanc@gmail.com for assistance or to inquire and submit.