JL Eldon Thiele Acting Award

August 1, 2024
$1,300 (cash award)

The award is in memory of talented actor, music artist, and costume designer Eldon Thiele, also known as Zwerg and Jason Betts, for New Brunswick resident actors in film, theatre, and stand up comedy at all levels in their career who need support moving their education and craft forward. In addition to the cash award, winners will receive a pack of five online private classes with Julian LeBlanc (LeBlanc School of Acting) worth over $500 in value.


Eligible Activities:

  • Mentorships (paying for any costs associated with the mentorship, including a fee for your mentor).
  • Workshop & Lab Intensives (costs related to the workshop, whether in person or online).
  • Artist-in-Residence (costs related to the residency).
  • Memberships (costs associated with joining an acting organization).
  • Travel for any acting opportunities.
  • Educational Material (costs related to the purchase of any educational acting material).
  • Artist Bio.
  • Letter explaining what you will use the award for including costs.
  • Letter from mentor confirming their involvement IF applying for mentorship.

All submissions can be emailed to catmaryleblanc@gmail.com