Phyllis Grant

Phyllis Grant is a Mi’gmaq artist from Pabineau First Nation, New Brunswick. A mother of three beautiful children, she has exhibited across Canada (Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Vancouver Olympics, Joseph D. Carrier Upper Gallery, Toronto) as well as in the US with Honor the Earth’s “Impacted Nations,” which opened in New York City and toured throughout Minneapolis, Santa Fe, and Chicago.

Her artwork has also appeared in numerous publications, notably, Everywoman’s Almanac (Native Women’s Press, Toronto), Hand-In-Hand, A Review of First Nations Child Welfare in New Brunswick (Ombudsman NB Publication), and Pearson Canada’s Literacy in Action.

Phyllis’s most recent exhibits were in Rome at Angelica Gallery and Foundation Besso, Italy, with the Associazione Romana Acquerellisti (ARA)/Roman Watercolour Association, Canada-Italy.

Passionate about community building, she believes in transformative learning as a form of leadership through the arts. Her art focuses on sharing traditions and exploring identity within the process of creation, often retelling the Mi’gmaq legends she grew up with.

Phyllis shares her path with unique expressions of family, community, stories, medicines, passion, and love.