Filmmaker Award

September 1, 2023
$800 Cash Award and in-kind services

The Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award is valued at: $2,080.00 (for first AND second time NB resident filmmakers).

  • $200 in workshops/training from the NBFC (2023)
  • $800 cash from The LeBlanc Family and generous donations
  • $1000 in equipment and post services from NBFC
  • $80 (full membership for two years) from the NBFC
  • Workshopping of winning screenplay

Presented by the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative and the LeBlanc Family.

Submission Guidelines

Submit a 4-6 page script for video poem, experimental, genre, drama or comedy along with a short paragraph talking about your hopes and dreams; what the project means to you, and why the grant is essential for you, by September 1, 2021, midnight to